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Angry Residents in Hollins Lane and Royds Avenue are up in arms about the planning application (No. 11/11/0296), submitted to Hyndburn Borough Council by O2 and Vodafone to erect a mobile phone mast (height 13.8m) and equipment cabinets (1.9m x 0.8m x 1.65m in size) outside the entrance to Oak Hill Park.

Please add your objection to the Online Petition which will be submitted to the Planning Department.



Angry Residents in Hollins Lane and Royds Avenue are up in arms about the proposal by Vodaphone and O2 to erect a mobile phone mast outside the entrance to Oak Hill Park.
The area concerned is within the Christ Church Conservation Area and next to a Bowling Green, Tennis Courts and a newly created Childrens Play Area which has just opened; a short distance from Lee Royd Nursery School and Woodnook School and on the main route for dozens of children walking to and leaving Hollins School each day.
Besides the side effects confirmed by at least six independent scientific studies showing adverse health problems caused by living close to a mobile phone mast, which is particularly worrying for a number of families with young children living just yards away from the site. The Residents are also concerned that the value of their properties will decrease.
Residents and local Councillors Paul Barton and Tony Dobson have joined together to fight and campaign against the proposal to erect the mast.
For further information, and to register support for the campaign, please contact Publicity Officer publicity@oakhillpark.com

Photograph from Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

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Welcome to www.oakhillpark.com, a website for Oak Hill Park - the largest and best presented park in the Accrington area.

Since 1893, Oak Hill Park has provided a large, welcoming green space for the people of Accrington and surrounding areas. The park has many interesting features of historical, and natural interest, as well as providing leisure facilities such as bowling greens, tennis and basketball courts.

Please visit the Gallery pages for photos and old postcards of Oak Hill Park, past events in the park, and related photographs eg. Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington Pals etc.

Historically the name Oak Hill is (as are Broad Oak and Oak Fold) said to derive from a famously large hollow oak tree at Oak Fold, some nine yards in circumference, inside of which it was said it was so large that a cow could be milked. This tree was blown down in the great gale of 1817, and then as the story goes, an acorn from the old tree was raised into new oak standing in its place. Indeed, the name Accrington is quite commonly known to derive from "acorn town" or "town where acorns are found".
The park has for many years been host to musical events, carnivals and community festivals.. For forthcoming events in Oak Hill Park - see the events page for more details.

Oak Hill Park has been awarded the Green Flag Award (the national quality benchmark for parks and open spaces) for the past four years.

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